Just manage your business.
Swan will do the Finances & GST!

Swan is a FREE business management AND cloud accounting solution that helps small businesses SAVE time and cost while also reducing mistakes.

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How Does Swan Work

Swan is a FREE business management AND a fully-featured cloud accounting solution for small businesses. Once your settings are done, create invoices & keep track of sales, expenses & your payments. Swan AUTOMATICALLY creates your accounting journals, financial reports and GST!

Swan helps you SAVE time, cost & reduce mistakes by ensuring your invoices & payments are AUTOMATICALLY reflected in your accounting records & financial reports.

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Why use Swan?

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Get a FREE account now & get 90 transactions a month. Updates and maintenance are FREE.

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2. Simple & easy to use!

Use the one-click setup & start managing your business. No accounting knowledge required.

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3. Automated Accounting!

Just prepare your invoices & make your payments. Accounting entries and GST are automatic!

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How is Swan FREE?

Swan is FREE, FOREVER... for up to 90 transactions per month! Upgrade your account anytime as and when you require more transactions. Your account and data will still be accessible when your upgrades expire!

There was a time when you had to pay for emails. Now big companies like Google, Yahoo and many others are providing these services for free. FREE means that we have access to the technology and capacity to provide you our solutions without charge. Furthermore, our solutions are secured with banking grade SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security so you don't have to worry about prying eyes!

If you are already paying for an accountant to manage your company finances, don't worry, you can still use Swan to track your own business data and you may even find out that you can save some $$$ by using Swan to help you do your monthly GST submissions!

Go on give us a try.

We provide all the tools that you need to learn how to use Swan. Take a look at our knowledgebase and see for yourself! But, if you require specific training sessions we will do our best to accomodate you and your whole team!

We believe that your feedback will make us better. So if you have any suggestions, ideas and comments please feel free to contact us.

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See What You Can Get From Swan

These Are Absolutely FREE

Sign up for Swan, and get a fully-featured accounting and GST solution for FREE up to 90 transactions a month.

  • Limited Transactions – Get 90 transactions a month

  • User Access – Free Accounts have ONE user access only

  • Uploads – Excel upload feature limited to 9 lines per upload.

  • Single - Currency – Record transactions in one currency

  • Cheque Printing – No cheque printing feature available

  • Swan Wiki Support – Support via knowledgebase, user guide & Swan Wiki

Upgrade Whenever Needed

If you need more than 90 transactions a month, upgrade your free account. You will get these:

  • Unlimited Transactions! – Get more than you’ll ever need!

  • Additional user access! – Get more than you’ll ever need again!

  • No upload limit! - Just key in EVERYTHING into Excel & upload

  • Full Multi-currency! – Full multi-currency features

  • Cheque Printing! – Save time (& cheques) by printing from Swan

  • Email support – Email support throughout the duration of your upgrade

Upon expiry of your ‘upgrade’ period, your account will revert to FREE FOR LIFE up to 90 transactions a month. All your data will REMAIN. Save with Swan and upgrade ONLY when you need to! (Please read terms and conditions regarding expiry of upgraded accounts)

*Swan Cloud Accounting is FREE FOR LIFE for up to 90 transactions a month through ad and branding message support.

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