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Generate invoices, keep track of sales, expenses, debtors, creditors and GST information. Gain access to your business data at any time, anywhere!

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Key Features

Fully featured with EVERYTHING you need

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No sign up costs, no maintenance fees, no update charges!

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Online access!

Now you can access your accounts online from anywhere.

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Easy to use!

Designed for those that might not know a lot about accounting.

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Automated Accounting!

Run your business, Swan does the accounting for you automatically!

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with GST!

Swan has everything you need, and we mean EVERYTHING.

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Work offline
with Excel!

An online application that lets you get work done offline too!

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Upgrade ONLY
when needed!

Even when it’s not free… we try to save you money.

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Preview Your
Financial Reports!

See what everything will look like before you finalize!

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Completely FREE FOR LIFE, but if you need more…

Swan Cloud Accounting is FREE FOR LIFE up to 90 transactions a month*, but in case you need more… select any of our upgrade packages to unlock unlimited transactions (and turn off ads and branding messages as well!).

30 days

RM RM 59.00

(RM 62.54 inc.GST)


RM 159.00

(RM 168.54 inc.GST)

365 DAYS

RM 599.00

(RM 634.94 inc.GST)

Terms & Conditions for Upgrades

  • Upgrades can only be purchased through a registered Swan account.
  • On-line purchase of an upgraded account must be done through the secure payment gateway provided within registered Swan accounts.
  • Prices of upgrade packages are subject to change without notice.

  • All sales of upgraded accounts are final.
  • At no time will request for refunds of any unused or unintentionally purchased upgraded accounts be entertained.

  • Upon expiry of any upgrade duration corresponding to an upgraded account, a Swan account, will automatically, without notice, revert to FREE FOR LIFE status including and an all restrictions and limitations associated with FREE FOR LIFE status.
  • Any transaction performed within any upgraded duration that is within a calendar month WILL STILL COUNT towards the FREE FOR LIFE per month transaction limit in the event said upgraded account expires within the calendar month and reverts to FREE FOR LIFE status.

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